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Business IT Support is an IT Support Company based in Phoenix. We have outstanding IT support experts with the latest technology and methods so we can support your business. We provide professional IT services for businesses. We focus on IT supportIT consultationmanaged IT services, and software development.

About Us

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide superior IT support and consulting services statewide at first, then country-wide. We measure success by the value our IT solutions and services add to our customers’ and partners’ businesses.

Our Mission

To achieve business success by delivering groundbreaking and technologically advanced IT solutions and consulting services that meet our client's most critical IT needs, and to create added value through quality, innovation, and partnership.

Our Values

Professional Excellence – We offer managed IT services and solutions of high quality based on our profound knowledge and extensive experience of working with businesses of all sizes and types. As a true industry-leading IT management company, we constantly strive to explore new ideas and design new solutions.

Client First – Our approach is focused on our clients. We offer solutions that are the right fit for our customers’ IT-related needs and are not only theoretical but workable. We consider ourselves responsible for leading our clients along the path to success and therefore, we think in terms of what is best for them.

Communication and Collaboration – We believe that open communication and effective collaboration creates trusting and productive relationships. Therefore, we encourage our employees and clients to share their knowledge and ideas to develop premium-quality solutions.

Who's the founder of Business IT Support

Meet the IT Expert Robert Sexton

Robert Sexton
What technologies have you worked with?

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Robert Sexton is an Arizona native who started working with computers in 1992. He started with an Intel 486DX-2 that he purchased from mowing lawns and doing side jobs with his neighbor. From that base, he learned how to install an operating system, low-level format, write batch files, and install Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11. In 1996 Robert began learning about networking and the TCP stack and started his very first job working at Computer Renaissance off of Bell Rd. and I-17 at the old Albertsons shopping center. There is where he honed his skills for troubleshooting computers and selling computer software and hardware.

Fast forward to the present day, In December of 2020, Robert departed his very last project working for another company, where he provided IT consulting, and decided it was time to found his own business and provide better IT solutions than the previous companies he worked for. For the past 25 years, Robert has been providing IT Systems Engineering and Administration for large Enterprise businesses and has learned how to automate, secure, and support enormous IT infrastructures efficiently and effectively.

Connect with me on:

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cisco ASA Firewalls
  • Cisco Nexus and Catalyst
  • Wireless WPA2  & WPA3
  • Linux Debian
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Linux Redhat
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL
  • IIS
  • Apache
  • macOS Server
  • Jamf 
  • Intune
  • SCCM
  • SCOM
  • Quickbooks
  • Dynamics
  • TheremoFisher
  • Unifi
  • VMware
  • Nutanix
  • Hyper-V
  • Dell
  • HP
  • IBM
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Active Directory
  • Group Policy
  • Private Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Desired State Configuration DSC
  • VPN
  • C#
  • VB.net
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • node.js
  • PowerShell

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