IT Consulting to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, and expand with powerful technology solutions

IT Consulting can help your business stay up to date with new technologies that come out every day that increase productivity and collaboration.  Your business may have a hard time keeping up with these changes.  Without the proper infrastructure and tools, you're losing key productivity gains. Now, do you ask your IT staff to maintain your current infrastructure, or work to ensure your IT is ready to meet the future you need to grow?

Consulting Services Delivered

As an enterprise-class IT Support business, we don’t want our clients to worry or make those compromises, so we’ve included a proactive IT consulting and strategy service with each of our Managed IT Services at no extra charge. Our definition of support isn’t about convincing you to buy new hardware or software, it’s about our engineers being there for your executive team business strategy discussions so you have a well-informed discussion to maximize the value or your IT Infrastructure.

What is IT Consulting?

IT Consulting involves providing businesses with advice on how to use Information Technology resources to achieve core business goals. Technology consulting helps companies maximize available technology opportunities, improve processes and reduce costs of operation.

Who benefits from IT Consulting services?

Technology Consulting services are provided to all businesses wanting to maximize the use of technology in core business operations. Whether small, medium, or large, all businesses may require Technology consulting services.

When do businesses need IT Consulting?

  • Improve Productivity
    Companies using technology consulting services improve productivity. Consultation services allow employees to collaborate and share knowledge thus improving productivity.
  • Save time
    Technology is advancing rapidly. Using trial and error methods can lead to a loss of a significant amount of time. Businesses use technology consulting services to avoid wasting time and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Make choices on new technologies
    There are new and exciting technologies in the market. Companies may decide to implement some of these new technologies, but lack the expert knowledge necessary to successfully launch the solution. In such cases, companies may outsource consulting services to make the most important decisions on the implementation of products.
  • Focus on important business functions
    Companies may lack the necessary technical knowledge and expertise to deal with technical problems and require technology consulting services to assist with technical problems.

What's the advantages of outsourcing?

  • Reduced costs
    Costs offered by outsourced service providers are predictable and typically less than the company hiring and training in-house staff.
  • Businesses can focus on core functions
    Outsourcing technology consulting service allows employees to focus on key business functions. Employees don’t have to focus on research or looking for new and appropriate technologies for the company.
  • Access to experienced experts
    Outsourcing services grant the business access to benefits from the services of professionals with the experience and expertise required to maximize technology opportunities.

Are there any risks or downsides of not outsourcing IT projects?

  • High cost of Technology Consulting services
    The cost of hiring full-time experts is high compared to outsourcing consultation services.
  • Reduced productivity
    When employees focus more on technology issues, productivity is reduced.
  • Lack of access to a pool of experienced experts
    A company not outsourcing technology consulting services is denied the opportunity to utilize the services of a pool of experts provided by technology consulting service providers.

What are the statistics for IT consulting for businesses?

According to research in Statistica, the technology consulting market value is expected to be worth $53 billion by the end of 2020. The market has been growing gradually since 2011. Based on the data, the value of the market does not show any signs of dropping. This signifies that the number of businesses using technology consulting services is growing and will continue to grow as many businesses adopt and implement the use of technology in their business operations.

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